Michigan Animal Control, LLC 


The most common offender in the city.   The pigeon.  The pigeon gets a bad rap though.

Surprisingly, more common than the pigeons all over buildings are smaller birds nesting in and around buildings. 

How often do you
see something like this? 


Avian Influenza (bird flu), West Nile Virus, H1N1, Histoplasmosis, (see bats) which can give you everything from flulike symptoms ranging all the way to enlarged liver or kidneys or even death in extreme cases. 

Human interaction:  You should never interact with wild birds.   With the distances they travel, and their flock-nature during migration, they become a group host to a lot of diseases and parasites.  By handling those birds, you expose yourself to whatever the flock may have brought back with it from wherever it has been.

Biology/ Bird Information: 
There are a lot of species of birds in Michigan.  The big nuisance species are Pigeons, starlings, blackbirds, etc.   On a smaller scale, chickadees, sparrows, swallows, etc can inhabit buildings.   All of these birds can be booted with exclusion service, and kept reasonably away from areas where you do not want to have droppings exist. 

By making their favorite hangouts and hideouts and nesting spots unsavory, Mi Animal Control will make the birds find another spot, then with our exclusion service make sure they dont want to come back.
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