Michigan Animal Control, LLC 

Industrial / Commercial

In Industrial sections of town, generally, there are a lot of open spaces.  Open fields, and trees in an otherwise urban setting is very welcoming to all forms of wildlife that are trying to cohabitate with people in the city.  Easements and railroad lines are highways for travelling creatures of all types.   Sadly, with the close-quarters and a lack of truly open space by comparison to woods or fields in greater nature, animals come in closer contact with each other and the risk for disease and lack of fear can lead to dangerous human interaction. 

Moreover, the risk involves employees or patrons of those industrial areas that are at the greatest risk for interaction.  

MI Animal Control offers contracted service for all industrial buildings and properties. 

From keeping birds off of your building, to removing honey bees from HVAC systems, to a family of racoons in your vent systems, we can offer all sorts of business solutions for you!    Give us a call!
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