Michigan Animal Control, LLC 

Prevention Service

Prevention or Exclusion Service is a service that we provide after the animal has been removed and relocated.  We keep this separate because some clients wish to perform their own exclusion work themselves, though for health reasons, this is NOT recommended.  We provide professional work and multiple methods of exclusion that fit into any budget.   Usually your MI Animal Control Agent will go over two or three options at different prices that you can choose from to make the proper repairs to your house, business, or farm.  

Typical Exclusion Services include:

1) Identifying  the entrance. 
  We will find out where the animal is getting onto your property or into your building.

2) Humanely evict the animal.  We will remove the animal and see to it that the offender that is trapped is not going to come back.

3) Clean or sanitize the area.  We will make sure the animal's messes are cleaned up and safe for people again.

4) Repair and prevention measures.

We will go over all of your options for keeping the animal out, from the simplest and most economical methods to total repair and rebuilding of the areas affected. 

5)  Close the opening.   We will follow your choices from the estimates offered and make sure the animal cannot come back the way they came before.

6) Follow up call or inspection.

We will check in with you to see that your needs have been met or exceeded. 

7) Habitat and conservation education.

We will discuss the nature of the animal with you and ways in which you can ensure that the recurrence is minimized.

Some simpler exclusion work can be done by a homeowner in advance of an animal moving in, but once the animal has deficated in the are, it is recommended that a professional come in to clean up and perform the work. 

Covering a dryer vent is a great way to keep the little creatures OUT!

"Snakeproof" fence is a great way to keep small mammals and reptiles out of your garden or areas where young children play.  MI Animal control has a fence expert.  Ask us!

Nobody wants bird poop on their car or at their business entrance.  Ask us how to birproof your building!


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