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Thank you for looking at our testimonial page.   If you have had an animal removed by us, please send an email testimonial to mianimalcontrol@gmail.com and it will be posted here!  I will include only your first name and the city that you are from, unless you otherwise specifically grant further permission.  

I had a raccoon that was living in a tree in my back yard...also two dogs and a toddler...with my husband deployed I decided that my best option was to hire a company and in all of the calls that I made...and there were many!...Sal stood out. He was by far the most polite and it was very obvious that he knew what he was talking about. Now it is very clear that he knew exactly what he was doing too. within three days the trap shy raccoon was caught and there were no "non target" animals caught which saved me a lot of money!
Pricing with this company was very reasonable...actually the cheepest that I found by far! still a lot of money, but it was totaly worth it. it feels very good to know that I dont have to worrry about it anymore. Thanks Sal!
I will deffinatly call you if I have any more problems.
And my husband thanks you to for helping to keep his faimly safe while he is in Afghanistan.

Miranda, Harrison Township, MI

I had a squirrel problem in  my attic and I was looking for someone to get the job done who wasn't very expensive. In my search I located " Michigan Animal Control". My first contact was Sal, who appeared to be very friendly and professional. It was soon thereafter that it was confirmed. He was out at my home the next day to assess my situation and unlike some others, he listened to what I thought would be best and then gave me options based off of his experience. Which I must say I couldn't have been more satisfied!
Michigan Animal Control (Sal) would be an organization that I would highly recommend to others. Sal's professionalism and quality of work was priceless.
Thanks again,
Loverdell, Detroit, MI

I had raccoons that tore open a hole in my roof and moved into my celieng!  IN MY ROOF!!! They took off the ridge vent, ate through the shingles, and chewed a big hole in the plywood.  Sal came out, took a picture for me since I did not want to climb up there to see it, and told  me he could fix it and remove the raccoons.  Sure enough, his liquid raccoon remover worked!  Within 2 hours of him leaving, I heard the raccoon making awful noises, and then nothing.  A day later, Sal came out and patched the roof and it looks like nothing was ever there.  He was entertaining, fast,  and full of information for me.  Thanks Sal! 

Walter, Rochester Hills, MI

Here's my testimonial! Thanks for everything, Sal!

My husband and I heard a lot of digging and scratching in our attic. I found MI Animal Control on line and I really liked the fact that they don't kill any critters you might have. Sal contacted me almost immediately after I left him a message. He came to my house the following day!

His simple yet ingenious eviction method was minimally invasive (no giant holes had to be carved out of my ceilings) and extremely effective. By the time he returned a few days later to install a chimney cap and grates over the vents, the animals (squirrels and raccoons) were gone!

Sal is very personable and friendly, and explains his methods thoroughly so you always know what he plans/needs to do to help you. I will recommend him to anyone who needs his services!

Clawson, MI

Thank you so very much for your prompt and professional service today.  As an explination to your viewers; I called Sal less than six hours ago,  he would have been here in under three hours but my schedule conflicted.  This morning, Saturday, when I discoved I had a dead animal in my pond, rather than an exposed rock, the removal became a big big concern, but it was no problem for Sal.  He removed a 150 pound deer from our pond, that he estimated to have fallen through the ice around February. I can't tell you how impressed I am with Sal's prompt, professional and friendly service. Thank you

Howell, Mi

  I had been hearing noises throughout the winter in my fireplace. I thought maybe it was squirrels coming in and out. One morning my nephew came upstairs with golf club in hand saying "What is that noise?"  He said it sounded like a dog fighting with something. Well since my dogs were sleeping by my bed I knew that wasn't it.  I went right to the fireplace and heard the noise. I talked to a friend of mine and she said I know who you can call. His name is Sal and he will take care of you. Sure enough he came out the next day. He was so nice and checked inside my fireplace and found a nest that racoons had made. Thank goodness they were not there when he came but Sal went up on the roof and capped off my chimney so I would have no more unwanted visitors. Sal was so professional and what I liked most because I'm an animal lover that he truley cares about animals. Thanks Sal for your help.  If you ever need any work like this done I would certainly call Michigan Animal Control.

Grand Rapids, MI

Thanks again for the great job on Friday.  Here is my testimonial ---
I highly recommend Michigan Animal Control.  I had critters chewing up my deck and living under my deck, and Sal used very specific bait to catch them.   I really liked the convenience of how I could text him on my cell phone each morning to say whether there was an animal in the trap or not.  He always texted right back.   Sal was very professional, customer-oriented, friendly and knowledgeable to deal with both on the phone and in person.  Because I live near woods and the critters just kept coming, I also had Sal install an exclusion barrier around my deck.  He and his crew were very careful to protect my landscaping and did a great job cleaning up.  They did a high quality job with putting new lattice on as well.  You may spend a little bit more with Michigan Animal Control, but you won’t regret it.  I’ve dealt with two other animal control places and Sal has them beat hands down.
Warmest Regards,

Northville, MI



Thanks for the work in my attic.  I havent had a single bat problem since. 

Owossow, MI

You told me exactly what needed to be done and were honest about the costs along the way.   I am a business man.  I wish more service people were like that.  Also, I love the deck exclusion.  I cant even see it unless I go looking for it!   Thank you.

Ann Arbor, MI

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