Michigan Animal Control, LLC 


Although cute and fuzzy to all who do not interact directly with them, Woodchucks are HATED by anyone with a tiled field, culverts, and crops.  Also anyone who ever had one dig under their garage, house, or outbuilding will attest to the difficulty posed by an otherwise adorable creature.   


Darker variation of the  woodchuck.  Some may even appear black. 

If you like the appearance of your yard, a groundhog will gladly test your patience. 


Woodchucks can carry fleas, ticks, and all associated diseases with those parasites.  They also have been known to carry varying types of pneumonia, sylvatic plague, tularemia, and in rare cases, rabies. 

Human Contact:

Like all other wild animals, it is NOT recommended that any person interact with these animals.  Groundhogs have very sharp claws and large incisors.   They will aattack if provoked, and they will even in some cases chase after you if they are defending their den or their litter. 

Biology/ Animal information.  

Woodchucks  (marmota monax) , also known as groundhogs, whistle pigs, and marmots, inhabit all areas of michigan.    They are the largest members of the squirrel family, and got the name "woodchuck" from the algonquin word for them; "Wuchak".  They breed from mid march to late april. 
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